It's great to be back! Well done Highfielders on a fantastic start to the year!

Art and Design

Art and Design
The Art and Design Department at Highfield is the creative hub of the school. All pupils receive weekly Art lessons to develop skills, knowledge and understanding. The ethos of the Art department is one of 'creative development'. Pupils are encouraged and supported in developing their own creative mind as well as learning about famous artists, designers and architects from history. The Art room acts as a studio for pupils to engage in their own creative projects alongside curriculum based work. The Art room is open at lunchtimes to any pupil who wishes to engage in this. We also encourage pupils to take part in artistic activities that contribute to the wider life of the school, such as painting scenery for the school productions. We have strong links with our feeder High School and meet termly to deliver joint projects and to moderate standards across schools. We take our Year 8 pupils to the yearly GCSE art exhibition and trips to local art galleries in order to offer them an aspirational insight into the future of their art education.
Department Goals and Initiatives: 
  • Each project was developed so that each student can feel success by working  with a variety of art materials, processes, mediums, and techniques.
  • Forever students will be viewers of art so, students  will discover the roles that art plays in the lives of peoples past and present.
  • Together students will reflect on, interpret, and evaluate works of art, using the language of art criticism. In the art room students will be exposed to a variety of art from various historical periods and world cultures.   
  • In gaining art knowledge students will create works of art that explore different kind of subject matter, topics, and themes. They will understand and use the elements of art, principles of design and expressive images to communicate their own ideas in works of art. 
  • To create a considerate studio environment, where all students are respected and their opinions have substance in our class discussions.
Mrs C Glasper

Art and Design Lead