Christmas Update

20th December 2019

I just wanted to share a quick message to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!
We have had an incredibly busy term and pupils and staff alike are ready for a well-deserved Christmas holiday. We have achieved so much since the summer, but things move at such a pace that we rarely
take the time to reflect. So here goes…
Your children have worked hard in lessons and lots of high quality learning has taken place. We are very pleased with their progress, both academically and socially. Every day we see examples of Highfielders showing empathy and compassion, contributing to our community and supporting those around them.
We have excelled on the sports field once again and engaged with our community at numerous local events. We have performed for you in our school hall, and to wider audiences at public venues, including Newcastle City Hall.
We have raised thousands of pounds for charities close to our hearts, and collected huge amounts of food for the West End Food Bank too. We have said “Yes” to equality
and “No” to bullying, we have celebrated different cultures and remembered those who fought for our country.
We have promoted positive mental health and a love of reading, we have embraced the great outdoors and taught our children about respect and healthy relationships. We have enjoyed being part of the Tyne Community Learning Trust and working closely with all of our partner schools …. the list is almost
We have been very happy to welcome new members of staff - Miss Macbeth and Mrs Meikle, and delighted to welcome back Mr Rutherford-Orrock from injury. Mr Lillie has become a dad once again and we congratulate his family on the birth of another beautiful daughter.
We will welcome our pupils back to school on Tuesday 7th January, refreshed and ready for another busy term. Please support your children in getting to school on time at 8:55am.
We will have a change to the timings within the school day in January, when morning break will move to an earlier slot of 10:00am (between lesson 1 and 2) – there will be no change to the start or end of the day, or to lunchtime.
I would also like to take this opportunity to give you advanced notice that we will be "tightening up‟ our school uniform rules in September 2020. Only black trousers and skirts will be permitted after the summer (grey will no longer be an option) and skirts will need to be classic pleated school skirts. Similarly, only black tights and socks will be allowed, and footwear will be "real‟ shoes. The vast majority
of our pupils already wear uniform which will meet the new requirements, but please bear these future changes in mind when you are renewing items in the coming months.
I thank you all on behalf of all the staff at Highfield for your continued support. Special mention should go to "Balls Fish and Chips‟ and "Serenity Bathrooms‟, great local businesses that have supported our
Library and Drama provision in recent weeks. We really do appreciate it.
I hope you all have a fantastic festive season with family, friends and loved ones and I look forward to working with you all again in the New Year.
Kind Regards,
Richard Oades