Coronavirus Update CO-VID19

12th March 2020


I am writing to tell you of our preparations around managing the coronavirus. As I write I am pleased to tell you that there are no confirmed cases in Northumberland, but senior members of the Tyne Community Learning Trust have met to ensure that we are doing all we can to keep the students and staff safe and to plan for the possibility of school closures, should that be mandated nationally.

At this moment the advice from the Department for Education and Public Health England is that school remains open. Currently we are working towards ensuring that students wash their hands regularly using soap and water or antibacterial gel and we are encouraging this through poster campaigns and assemblies. You can support us in this by talking to your children in an age appropriate way about hand washing. There are several very good resources available at…/campai…/101/resources

and a clear guide to effective handwashing here:

A poster with guidance on how to protect yourself and others from coronavirus is attached to this letter.

We will do our best to keep school open and are planning for what to do should we be hit by high levels of staff absence. This might mean that classes would be larger or mixed more and that we might adapt the curriculum. In the event of schools closing we are also checking our IT systems in order that teachers can post work online for pupils to complete at home and getting paper resources ready that could be sent home with pupils to complete on the day of closure.

If required, electronic resources to enable pupils to continue to work on the curriculum will be available on the school website

Should you anticipate difficulties accessing these resources online, please inform us asap and we will make hard copies of resources available, should they be required. Updates on the situation will be sent regularly and further information can be found on the school and TCLT website.

In the meantime, school remains open. If you or your child presents as unwell and suspects that they may have contracted coronavirus please follow the national guidance and call 111 for advice. Please do not send your child into school without following that guidance. I trust that you will work with us to ensure everyone’s wellbeing.

Yours sincerely
Richard Oades
Head Teacher