End of half term update

22nd October 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

Just a quick note to wish you all a very happy half-term and say a HUGE well done to all the
pupils for their hard work and engagement. It has been fantastic to be able to deliver a full
curriculum and a great programme of extra-curricular activities again, and the pupils have
really made the most of the opportunities on offer.

Our new ‘Highfield Points’ system has really taken off and our first group of pupils to reach 100
points got the opportunity to claim their prizes in the ‘Reward Shop’ yesterday. There will be
many more prizes to be earned next term. Points are awarded for Achievement, Respect,
Effort, Contribution and ‘Ready’.

Unfortunately, it is emerging this afternoon that we may be required to bring back some of the
measures we had in place last year to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the coming
months, I will update you during the holidays on the latest guidance. However, please don’t
worry, Covid rates at Highfield in the last fortnight have been low and we still expect to be open
every day to all pupils, but perhaps with a few additional measures in place.

I’ll also take this opportunity to wish Mrs Platt well as she begins her maternity leave today, we
all send her off with love and best wishes. We appointed Mrs Glasper last week to cover in her
absence. Mrs Glasper will work with 5SM on Wednesdays and 5GP on Thursdays and Fridays,
as well as teaching across the school.

Thank you so much to the families who have received and reacted positively to our uniform
letters, sent out to some pupils recently. It is really important that we uphold our uniform policy
and apply it consistently. A quick reminder that pupils should not wear shorts to school in the
autumn and winter months, from now until our return from the Easter holiday.

We can’t wait to see everyone, well rested and ready to learn, when we return on Monday 1 st
Thank you all, as always, for your support.

Richard Oades