Accelerated Reader Update

28th February 2019


We are delighted at how well the Accelerated Reader programme is running in school and have seen a huge improvement in our pupils' reading attainment. We decided to run a word count competition for all year groups and are proud to announce the winning form classes!

They are: 5GP, 6GB, 7RI and 8TH

Having read the most words since September, your child's class has won the following:
-A luxury reading session during pastoral (approximately 30 minutes)
-Hot chocolate/alternative soft drink
-Edible treat
-They can bring in slippers and a pillow if they wish
-A reading session of their choice
-A non-uniform day

The luxury reading sessions and non-uniform days will take place on the following dates:
-5GP= Thursday 28th February
-6GB= Wednesday 27th February
-8TH= Thursday 28th February

If you require any further information about this activity or want to ask any questions, please contact Mrs Perrin-Hudson or Mrs Bell (Accelerated Reader Coordinators)