Google Classroom

Remote Learning Information for Parents

October 2020

Our aims for remote learning are to:

  • Ensure consistency in the approach to remote learning for all pupils who aren’t in school through the use of quality online and offline resources and teaching videos.
  • Ensure that we provide work which offers appropriate challenge, is relevant and links to previous knowledge and understanding.
  • Help pupils to ‘keep up’ with their peers in school by offering continuous delivery of the school curriculum as far as possible.
  • Provide support, motivation, health and well-being to pupils and their families.
  • Support effective communication between the school and families and promote good attendance.

This policy applies to:

  • Pupils who are unable to attend school due to a period of advised self-isolation, but who otherwise remain well.
  • An extended period of school closure or partial school closure
  • A pupil who is absent from school for 3 or more days for a pre-agreed reasons e.g. taking part in a sporting tournament.
  • A pupil who is excluded from school.

This policy does not apply in situations such as: 

  • A pupil who absents themselves from school without prior authorisation from the school, with or without parental permission, e.g. a family holiday taken in term time 
  • A parental decision to absent their children as a precaution against an outbreak of infectious disease but contrary to official medical advice from Public Health England, the UK Government or the World Health Organisation.
  • A pupil who is off school because they are unwell.


Where possible we will provide for:

  • A pupil who is absent from school for 1 or 2 days awaiting the results of a COVID test.


Pupils should be able to access the work set via their Google Classroom. All pupils have received a session in their computing lesson to ensure they are familiar with how to access and return work but a simple guide to using Google Classroom can be found below. Please do not hesitate to contact school if you are encountering any difficulties.

In all cases the primary aim is to cover the required curriculum areas for their specific subject. The teacher will decide the most effective method to use to achieve this aim. Students should contact their teacher if they are having difficulty with any aspect of their subject or if they are finding the workload unmanageable.

We will use Google Classroom to deliver almost all of the work set remotely. We will also regularly use the Oak Natianal Academy website which offers a huge amount of high quality content ( Some curriculum subjects may also use other specific websites to support pupils’ learning; pupils will already be familiar with these websites.



Pupils will receive regular feedback on their progress from their class teachers. If the teacher is unwell we will make every reasonable effort to offer feedback via another member of staff, but there may be a slight delay in this provision.


Pastoral Care and Contact

Whilst pupils are at home, we will keep in regular contact online or by telephone. We want to ensure that everyone is well and offer social and emotional support where required.  Families will also be supported to help with the education of the pupils at home.


If a whole class or year group bubble is isolating, the form teacher or year group leader will hold a weekly class meeting using Google Meet.