Welcome back to Summer term 2023 - it's gonna be busy but brilliant!

Highfielder Shout-Out Year 5

A big well done to our new Year 5 students for having such a fantastic first day today. Starting a new school isn't easy, but the whole year group has taken it in their stride. (Also a well done to parents/carers for getting through a day which was probably filled with many emotions...).
They've had a busy day with their new form classes and form teachers getting to know each other, touring the whole school, being given their diaries/equipment, listening to lots of important information, making name labels and attending their first HMS whole school assembly.
The new year group have genuinely impressed us with their readiness to get involved, their respectful manner and their absolutely wonderful behaviour. We are really looking forward to getting to know them more and helping them to get settled in to the school. A really positive start.
Even the torrential rain didn't stop us!
They will begin lessons tomorrow.
Mr Rutherford-Orrock and the Year 5 Team