It's great to be back! Well done Highfielders on a fantastic start to the year!

History and Geography

At Highfield Middle School our aim is for Geography to be a great way of developing young people’s fascination for the world around them. Our lessons are all about understanding the world around us and developing transferable skills such as research, observation and measurement. We learn locational knowledge, looking at both the local area and further afield. We also learn about the physical and human aspects of geography and apply the knowledge and skills we have learnt to everyday life. 


Here at Highfield in Geography, pupils are taught a topic based approach in KS2 whilst in KS3 we focus on themes, skills and preparation for GCSE content. We give pupils the opportunities to study what Geography means, what geographers do and how to ask and answer geographical questions.

Our pupils learn to make accurate observations of the real world. This involves taking field measurements using scientific equipment and also the use of maps, books and statistical data.

Our geographers try to explain their real world observations and patterns. They try to understand causes, and look for links between patterns.

They try to apply their understanding to predict change, and plan in order to solve problems. Our geographers make informed decisions.

Our Geography program also teaches skills that will be useful in everyday life such as:

  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Problem solving
  • IT
  • Research
  • Collecting and interpreting data

We hope it helps our pupils better understand the world in which they live.


At Highfield Middle School, we strive to make History as engaging as possible for our students. We cover a wide range of historical events and cultures throughout the four year at HMS, from the Ancient Mayans to the Slave Trade. We use a wide range of different resources during History lessons, making learning hands on and practical through handling artefacts where possible, as well as studying a range of source material to prepare students for GCSE study.

In History, students are assessed in a variety of ways, including reports, presentations and formal tests. We work closely with PCHS to ensure our assessment methods are consistent and challenging, as well as delivering a transition project at the end of Year 8.

In addition to a varied curriculum, students will also have the opportunity to go on several History trips during their time at Highfield, including visits to Prudhoe Castle and The Great North Museum, to help bring History to life.

Mr A Lillie

KS2 History & Geography Lead

Miss J Lomax

KS3 Geography Lead

Mrs C Bell

KS3 History Lead