23rd December 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Unfortunately, we have identified a 4th recent case of COVID-19 at Highfield Middle School. One of the pupils, who was advised to isolate earlier this week, has since tested positive. I have spoken with the Public Health team and they are satisfied that we have followed all contact tracing and safety measures accurately. Due to the length of time between the end of term and the positive test for this pupil, we do not need to advise any further pupils to isolate (we only trace back 48hrs from symptoms emerging). However, we feel it is important to be open and honest at all times, to ensure that our families are fully informed. 

3 of the identified cases are linked to 6HC. The identified close contacts in 6HC have already been contacted and advised to isolate, but I would encourage all pupils within that bubble to take extra care, especially if they show signs of COVID-19. Thankfully, none of the individuals who have tested positive are seriously unwell so far. It is worthy of note that the positive cases have described an upset tummy, headache and dizziness, alongside the well published symptoms of COVID-19.

Once again, I urge extra caution for all members of the Highfield community over the Christmas break. We have managed the situation very well in school for many months now and had very few cases, but we must take these recent events very seriously.

The timing of these events comes at a really challenging time for us all. Christmas should a time for family gatherings, dancing, hugging and good cheer. This year must be different, the greatest gift we can give to our family, our friends and our community this year is protection from the virus.

Hopefully we can make up for everything we are missing in the spring, and 2021 will be memorable for all the right reasons. 

Look out for each other and please get in touch with the school via email at if you are struggling in any way.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Stay Safe

Richard Oades