Land of Oak and Iron Drama Project

3rd March 2019


On Friday, as part of a fantastic drama project being run in partnership with Mortal Fools Theatre Company, Land of Oak & Iron and Whickham Academy, some of our Year 8 pupils participated in a really fun, engaging and interactive workshop - where they learnt new drama techniques, through ‘freeze framing’ role playing activities and playing a ‘Game of power’ status awareness game.

They developed their team work and non-verbal communication skills - acting out a range of emotions, demonstrating vivid facial expressions and performing fluid movement sequences to a strong drum beat. They worked in pairs and groups and had such a fun morning!

This project will culminate in a great opportunity to perform at the Empire Theatre in Consett in June, alongside 100 other young people! We are all incredibly excited!

We had some fantastic feedback from Bex who ran the sessions:

'I just wanted to say how utterly brilliant my experience was this morning ...from all of the staff from the welcome to the school to the enthusiasm and support of the staff in the session. The young people themselves were a complete joy to work with, creative, funny, engaged... I’m really excited to be working with you!'

Bex has been commissioned by the Land of Oak and Iron to make a new play based on the history and possible future/s of our area. To do this she is working with groups to inform the content / stories within the play (it will be a module piece with accidental time travellers). This means that groups will be able to create scenes about ideas / aspects of history that are important to them. Bex hopes that as well as devising content these groups will also become performers in the play.