Marathon Kids

17th November 2017

House Marathon kids run. 
Friday 17th November 2017

Come to school in your PE kit on Friday, make sure you have suitable shoes for running on the field with you and maybe a plastic bag to put your dirty shoes in afterwards.
Lesson 4 – KS3 (all year 7&8 pupils)
Lesson 5 – KS2 (all year 5&6 pupils)

Each run will be 20mins in length – collect as many lap bands as you can in that time. When the whistle blows, finish your lap and collect your final lap band. Go to the teacher or sportsleader holding your house board and tell them how many lap bands you have collected. This will be recorded on you house score card and on your individual marathon kids account to count towards your Marathon kids awards. Good luck and enjoy!

Miss Lomax and Mr Boddy