Message from the Headteacher

Welcome to Highfield Middle School

Mr Richard Oades

We are a proud school serving the equally proud community of Prudhoe in Northumberland.  Our school has a very positive ethos where all individuals are respected and valued, regardless of age, background or beliefs. We are determined that all pupils will be given equal opportunities to thrive and succeed, and we will challenge and support them to overcome all potential barriers to learning. We aim to provide the highest standards of education and value academic excellence, pupil well-being and personal development in equal measure.

As Headteacher, I am a great supporter of middle schools and a 3 tier education system. I firmly believe that we provide a fantastic school where pupils can grow from children to young adults in a safe, supportive and encouraging environment. Our school takes the best of primary and secondary models, providing a caring and nurturing ethos alongside academic drive, specialist teaching and high quality facilities. Our pupils are given a wealth of opportunities to develop into confident young people, through our school council, prefect system, buddy initiatives, peer mentor programme and equality and diversity team, to name just a few. We believe that we have an excellent pastoral system with very high expectations of our pupils in terms of behaviour and self-awareness.

Our pupils are confident, articulate and mature and are aware of how to keep themselves safe in modern Britain. E-safety and Anti-bullying have a high profile in our school, and we have been commended on our work in this area through our Anti-Bullying accreditation and the prestigious ‘Diana Award’. We are proud of our heritage and promote high moral standards and the core British Values throughout our rich and well-balanced curriculum. Our curriculum strives for excellence in all subjects but we also place high value on providing stimulating, deep learning experiences which embed learning across the curriculum. Our link to Rokana Primary School in Zambia, STEM activities and Enterprise initiatives provide excellent opportunities for pupils to broaden horizons and raise aspirations.  We also provide a wealth of extra-curricular activities and residential trips. All of these experiences help our pupils to develop into well rounded young citizens, who make a positive contribution to the wider community.

In our most recent Ofsted short-inspection report (January 2018) we were described as a good school where:

- "Specialist teachers in subjects such as science, art, modern foreign languages and physical education are helping to equip pupils with appropriate skills and knowledge as pupils progress to key stage 3."

-  "A respectful culture where pupils and teachers interact positively with one another.

- "Pupils have numerous opportunities to build their leadership skills."

- "An extensive enrichment programme, involving residential trips for every year group and opportunities to learn outdoors, help pupils to develop their self-confidence and their social skills."

- "Governors are committed to the ongoing success of the school and to the wider community."

- "Staff are mindful of pupils’ welfare and safety and take your safeguarding responsibilities seriously."

- "The teachers treat the students as individuals, praising their personal achievements and encouraging personal growth."

-  "Ia broad and balanced curriculum that is preparing pupils well for the increasing challenges of key stage 3 and of high school."

- "In Mathematics,  pupils engaged productively and showed an increasing awareness of mathematical methods."

- "Leaders have secured good progress in pupils’ writing by modelling tasks effectively and enabling pupils to write in a range of genres."

- "Large proportions of pupils participate in a wide range of trips and visits and performance opportunities at school. These diverse experiences have developed pupils’ social awareness and their self-confidence."

- There is "a calm and purposeful learning environment."

- "Pupils are trained as ‘Equality Stars’ and work with their peers and teachers to develop awareness of transgender issues and racial and religious equality."

I hope you will find a wealth of information on our ever-improving website. Of course, if you wish to see our school for yourself or ask any questions, please call our school office and arrange to visit us. We are always happy to see you.

Best regards,

Richard Oades