Mortal Fools Theatre Visit

6th October 2019

HMS are delighted to be working closely with local theatre company Mortal Fools on their fantastic theatre package 'Melva'.

'MELVA' tells the story of a 10-year-old girl whose struggles with anxiety, or 'worrits' as she knows them, which keep her from leaving the house. Her Grandpa has grown so worried about her that he fakes his own disappearance in the hope that it will compel Melva to leave the house and overcome her ‘bad worrits’. What follows is a funny and poignant adventure for them both, where each learn how their ‘worrits’ affect them and new ways to tackle them separately and together.

Our year 6 pupils will experience the full performance of this wonderful production tomorrow morning before they attend their workshops throughout the rest of the day.

We are very excited for this event!