6th April 2020

Mrs Walls will be retiring from Highfield Middle School next Friday 17th April 2020.

We would like to put together a farewell video for Mrs Walls from staff, students and parents/carers/previous Highfielders and previous staff. Let’s give it a go!!! To provide a sense of continuity for the chain message, please could I ask you to pass on a bottle to toast Mrs Walls – taking it into the frame with you right hand, pouring yourself little tipple, raising your glass to Mrs Walls (with a short message – no Oscar length speeches!), and passing it out of frame to your left.  Please get creative – it’s a magic bottle – think setting / glass (!) – but ensure that the person handing over or collecting the bottle is NOT in the frame and that you raise your glass.  There’s no need to ensure that everyone has the same bottle – it would be great if it was different! – nor that it’s the same tipple.  Just taking the bottle from the right, pouring, message, toasting, passing on to the left. Milk for cuppas are not excluded but neither mandatory…

Please address any technical issues to our school Facebook page and send your final effort to OR as a private message to the school Facebook page no later than Tuesday 14th April.  THANK YOU.

Mrs C Laidler