MTI Musical Theatre Festival

11th May 2019


Well we didn't win any of the overall awards... However our students have been absolutely INCREDIBLE today. They have performed in front of hundreds of people, in front of West End professional directors/musical directors/choreographers/casting agents, they have given it absolutely everything and have really held their own.

They have loved it and we are all knackered. The kids aren't too disappointed- they are just absolutely buzzing!

Shout out to Miss Hillam, who took part in the teachers performance on stage! Also thank you to Miss Hillam, Mrs Moore and Miss Bird for giving up their Friday night and Saturday to support us. To top it off, we got to watch a surprise performance by Miriam Teake from Hamilton the Musical!

Highfield are so so proud of all of our theatre based activities and we love seeing our students develop and shine in this area. Some of the staff may even have gotten a little emotional too...

For parents/carers of students on the trip, please keep an eye on our Facebook page and keep your phones on. We are estimating that we will arrive back to school between half 11 and 12. I will update the Facebook page with a more accurate time later on tonight. I will also ask students to message home too with the estimated arrival time.

So help me Sondheim,

Mr Rutherford and Mrs Gibson