Welcome back to Summer term 2023 - it's gonna be busy but brilliant!

Our next Highfield video...

Introducing our next Highfield video... 
We are asking staff and pupils to film themselves doing the 'Blinding Lights Challenge'- a current dance that you may have seen online. Miss Macbeth has kindly filmed two versions of this so you can see what we are asking for! There is a full version and a simplified arms only version, that are available to view on our school website under the 'news' section. You are of course welcome to do your own choreography if you wish... You can wear silly hats or costumes if you like. Get creative and don't be shy (or think you're too cool...).
Please note that we are unable to accept any videos filmed on TikTok, and we encourage parents to help film their children using a normal camera function, not through any app. 
Please record yourself doing the dance using the music from YouTube- the track is called Blinding Lights by The Weeknd. Then send us the video through Facebook messenger ONLY. Please note, that we will not be able to receive videos by email. We are hoping that you are up for it as the response to the last video was amazing!
1. Perfect the dance!
2. Don't be shy.
3. Film yourself in LANDSCAPE doing the dance along to the music.
4. Send us the video as a direct message to our Facebook page. 
If we have enough responses, we will edit it in to a video.
Deadline for sending us your videos is SATURDAY 2ND MAY 2020.