Play Leaders

Playground Leaders at Highfield – October 2018

Playground Leaders is a scheme at Highfield where Year 6 pupils support and lead games at lunchtimes. It was introduced to help build friendships, confidence and social skills and give the Year 5’s a potential focus while finding their feet at a new school. The scheme also offers an opportunity for the Year 6’s to expand their own skills with leadership, communication and team work all being required to take part, as well as a chance for some responsibility within the school.

The Playground Leaders have training in school this Wednesday 17th October with Mr Boddy and Mrs McIntosh. It will take place during Lessons 4 and 5 (and pupils need to come to school in their outdoor PE kits). There will also be some more training run by sixth formers from the PE department at the High School to further develop their game and leadership abilities. This will take place after half term and letters will be sent out in due course.

More playground equipment has been ordered this week which we hope to boost the launch of Playground Leaders after the half term break. We’re really excited about working with this enthusiastic bunch of pupils to help make lunchtime s even better for our new Year 5’s! Watch this space…

Mrs C McIntosh

Learning Mentor