Safety Works Year 5

26th April 2019


Our Year 5 pupils have spent a brilliant day at Safety Works in Newcastle learning about keeping themselves safe. Safety Works is an interactive studio where pupils are met with real life scenarios. Our pupils experienced:

- Tyne and Wear Fire Service- learning about hazards in the home, smoke alarm safety, what to do in the event of a house fire, and practising making a 999 call.

-NCC Road Safety- learning how to cross roads safely, looking at risks when crossing roads, and then investigating a road traffic accident.

Blue Cross- understanding dog behaviour, how to approach a dog, and what to do in the event of a dog bite

- St John's Ambulance- learning what to do if somebody is unresponsive, practising the recovery position, and looking at the procedure for visiting a hospital in an emergency.

- Northumbria Police- learning about anti-social behaviour, age of criminal responsibility, examples of crimes, and ASBI/criminal conviction and arrest.

The pupils were exemplary in their behaviour and conduct. Mr Rutherford was extremely proud of how they involved themselves in the sessions. They should be coming home tonight asking to test your smoke detectors(!) and some of them need to learn their address and postcode...