School Uniform

Please note - We would like to give you advanced notice that we will be tightening up our school uniform rules in September 2020. Only black trousers and skirts will be permitted after the summer (grey will no longer be an option) and skirts will need to be classic pleated school skirts. Similarly, only plain black tights and socks will be allowed, and footwear will be ‘proper’ shoes. The vast majority of our pupils already wear uniform which will meet the new requirements, but please bear these future changes in mind when you are renewing items in the coming months.

We have a colourful, comfortable uniform comprising:

  • School Sweatshirt : Royal Blue with school badge
  • School polo shirt : Gold with school badge
  • Trousers or Skirt : Grey or Black.  These should be ‘school trousers/skirts and not fashion items. Jeggings / jeans / skinny jeans are not permitted. If in doubt ask the school before buying.
  • Summer dress : Blue/White gingham (optional)
  • Socks : Grey, White or Black. TRAINER SOCKS ARE NOT PERMITTED.
  • Socks/tights : Grey, White or Black knee or ankle length (not patterned)
  • Shoes  : Black (not trainers or boots)

All the embroidered items are available to purchase through Salto UK Ltd


Unit 3D
Princess Court
Low Prudhoe Industrial Estate
NE42 6PL
Tel: 01661 835 240

Additional items are widely available at sports shops or supermarkets

For your child’s safety Jewellery, including earrings, and make-up are not allowed in school.

How do I order uniform?

Uniform is available to order and pay for via the school office.

Should uniform be labelled?

It is essential that ALL of your child’s uniform is labelled clearly, including PE kits and shoes.

How does my child find lost property?

Any named lost property will be returned to your child. Any un-named lost property will be put in the PE changing room lost property or year group lost property bins.

Is any jewellery allowed?

Jewellery is not permitted in school at all, including earrings.

Can my child wear ear-retainers?

Ear-retainers may be worn up to October half-term holidays to allow time for any ears pierced during Summer holidays to heal. Ear-retainers must be clear. Ear-retainers will not be permitted after the October half-term holidays.

Can my child wear make-up?