At Highfield Middle School, we try to make Science an enjoyable and successful experience, within the framework of the National Curriculum. We do this by offering the pupils a variety of science topics which are enhanced by a number of practical activities which enable pupils to develop as independent and confident learners. Pupils complete units of Biology, Chemistry and Physics and are assessed at the end of each unit using the school EDSM policy.

Year 5 and 6 pupils receive two lessons of Science per week, year 7 and 8 receive 4 lessons of science per week.

Year 5
Autumn Super scientists
Material World

Spring Out of this world
Let’s get moving

Summer Circle of Life
Growing up and growing old

Year 6
Autumn Electricity
Let it shine

Spring We are evolving
Dinosaur hunters

Summer Staying Alive
Classifying critters

Year 7
Autumn 7F Acids and Alkalis
7H Particles
7G Atoms, elements and Molecules
7A Cells
7B Reproduction

Spring 7K Forces
7L Sound
7J Electricity
7I Energy

Summer 7C Muscles and Bones
7E Mixtures and separation
7D Ecosystems

Year 8
Autumn 8E Combustion
8F Periodic Table
8A Food and Nutrition
8K Energy Transfers

Spring 8C Respiration
8L Earth and Space
8G Metals and their uses
8H Rocks

Summer 8I Fluids
8J Light
8B Plants and reproduction
8D Unicellular Organisms

Mr R Mills

Science Lead