TCLT Update

22nd February 2019


As we move towards half term we would like to take this opportunity to update you on the proposed formation of the Tyne Community Learning Trust. We are fully committed to the MAT and we are continuing to move forward whilst taking the steps necessary for converting to become a Multi Academy Trust.

To date we have carried out the following:

Due diligence of all schools
Produced the final draft of the Scheme of Delegation
Prepared the necessary legal transfer documents
Completed land questionnaires for all schools Defined our Vision and Values
Held a "Strategic Saturday" which was a meeting of Members, Directors & Governors
Incorporation to form the MAT as a business (due to be complete this week)
Identified and adopted a new logo and domain account
Ongoing TUPE process and consultation to ensure continuity of terms of employment
Tendered for, and appointed auditors, bankers and finance systems

Our "Strategic Saturday" session for Trust Board members and Governors demonstrated a real Trust ethos, moving away from a focus on our individual schools to a team approach across all schools. In addition to the legal and practical realities of forming a Trust, the strong team ethos is already contributing to improving standards in Maths, English, Pupil Premium outcomes and SEND.

We aim to maintain our momentum whilst not compromising the integrity of this conversion. It is essential that the new financial systems and processes to be provided by the Trust to support the schools are established and working before conversion. To enable this, the schools have agreed to move our conversion date to 1st September 2019. This date has been chosen as it is a realistic timescale, fits with the new academic year and the new financial year for academies. All schools are committed to putting the necessary resources to ensure a successful conversion. As always, our aim is to be a beacon of excellence.

We will continue to provide regular updates but please ask your Headteacher or Chair of Governors if you have any concerns or questions.