7th May 2020

We hope this letter finds you safe and well.

A huge thank you to all of the families who have communicated with school since the end of last week to share their learning records and to tell us how you are getting on, we have loved reading your updates. We look forward to receiving more weekly learning records today, as tomorrow is a bank
holiday and (hopefully) a day of sunshine and relaxation as we celebrate VE day.

Please can I ask the small minority of families who have not yet been in touch with us over the last few weeks to do so as a matter of urgency today. Don’t worry if you haven’t completed all the tasks on your learning logs, or if you decided to study different subjects last week. Don’t worry if last week was a
tricky one for your family and you didn’t manage to do much work at all, but please do get in touch. We take our safeguarding responsibilities very seriously and, more than anything else, we want to know that everyone is safe and well.

The best way to communicate is to send an email to your form teacher:

5RbM Mr Mills

5SM Mrs Moore


5GP Mrs Gibson (Mon – Wed) lyndsay.gibson@highfield.northumberland.sch.uk
Mrs Platt (Wed – Fri) angela.platt@highfield.northumberland.sch.uk

5CB Mrs Bell

6KB Mr Bell

6GB Mr Burt

6AL Mr Lillie

6HC Mrs Hook

Mrs Carnegien clare.carnegie@highfield.northumberland.sch.uk

7EA Mrs Andreou


7JLx Miss Lomax


7RM Mr Mills

7RS Mrs Sims

8TH Mrs Hetherington


8RW Mrs Richardson


8JB Miss Bird

8DB Mr Boddy

Alternatively you can email admin@highfield.northumberland.sch.uk or send a message or photograph directly to the school Facebook page, displaying the pupil’s name and form class clearly.

This week, we have tried to contact all families we haven’t heard from recently, but sometimes with no success. In some instances we have carried out doorstep visits too. We are in regular communication with Children’s Services and share concerns around families we are unable to communicate with.

Please understand that this is not ‘Big Brother’ checking up on you, but a school trying to ensure that our community is safe and well.

If, as a family, you are struggling in any way, (regarding school work, anxiety, food, finances …) please do not hesitate to get in touch. We will treat your information professionally and help in any way we can.

Take care
Richard Oades