Year 5

Year 5 Maths 
Please follow the link below to access the White Rose daily resources. 
Every day a new objective will be taught using a video tutorial then a worksheet to accompany and answers. 
Maths Resources- Week beginning Monday 22nd June
Maths Resources- Week beginning Monday 29th June
Maths Resources- Week beginning Monday 6th July
Maths Resources- Week beginning Monday 13th July
Times Tables
Year 5 English
Year 5 Unit: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

Overview: Read a classic children’s novel, focussing on the traditional vocabulary used and
understanding the text. Children will read two chapters of the novel per week and complete
comprehension tasks. There will also be a focus on creative writing based on the text, which
will take different forms, such as recounts, diary entries and letters.

Resources: See resources on HMS website – each chapter of the novel is available as a PDF,
however if you have your own copy of the text or a different way of reading it, that is fine
(however I would suggest waiting until the end of the unit of work before watching the film).
The resources are set out so that you have the text, activities to go with it, and answers to
the vocabulary and comprehension questions. There is an explanation to go with each week
of work, which also explains any additional tasks or resources.

1. Spellings: Twinkle Spelling Scheme Term 3a on HMS website – there are 10 spellings to
learn each week. I have also included the handwriting sheet for each set of spellings,
which can just be done on normal lined paper if you are unable to print (see for further resources).

2. Reading: Pupils should read their Accelerated Reader (library) book each day and record
their reading in their Reading record. You can now quiz your book on the Accelerated Reader
link on the HMS website. Pupils are also able to read other materials such as news reports,
sports reports, recipes and information texts. If the children finish their reading book, they
may read books they have at home. If you want to check if the reading level then you can
use the BookFinder facility on Accelerated Reader at As well
as this, there are also lots of Accelerated Reader books available to read online at On this website, you can search for the correct book level by
looking at the ATOS level.

3. Grammar and Punctuation: Most pupils have their grammar and punctuation homework
books at home, which can be completed in any order they wish. Further resources can be
found on There are also lots of practice tests and quizzes which
have been assigned to your child on (they have a username and
password in their Homework Dairy) – instructions for how to use this can also be found on
the HMS website.

- Please note that not all of the resources for this unit will be available on the website
all of the time (as this would be quite a lot of documents), so will be updated every 1
– 2 weeks. Therefore if you need anything from a previous week’s work to refer to,
please email the school at and ask for your
query to be forwarded to Mrs Bell.

Good luck Year 5 and happy reading!
Week 8: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
Week beginning Monday 22nd June 2020
Week 9: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
Week beginning Monday 29th June 2020
Week 1: WW2 The Battle of Britain story writing
Week beginning Monday 6th July 2020
Week 2: WW2 The Battle of Britain story writing
Week beginning Monday 13th July 2020
Year 5 Science
Science work has been provided for all year groups. In a normal school week Year 5 and Year 6 pupils have two hours of science lessons and Year 7 and Year 8 for four hours. All of the tasks are designed to take between 1 and 2 weeks to complete and reach a secure or mastering level.  Each task contains an outline of what is required to reach the appropriate level. You can tick off each section when complete.  
Super Scientists
Year 5 Art
Year 5 and 6 pupils have one Art & Design lesson per week. As we are limited in resources that our pupils may have at home, I have provided a set of drawing skills activities that can be used with the most basic equipment of a pencil and a piece of paper. 
Try to include the following in your drawing work:
Shading, tone, accurate outlines, shadow, areas of light and dark. 
Students may complete any of the following tasks:
1. 100 Things To Draw- An unstructured set of ideas for drawings that can be carried out at home. 
2.ArtForKidsHub weblink- A fab YouTube channel where students can follow step-by-step tutorials to draw their chosen image. Mostly based on current popular characters.
3. Artist Study- Choose an artist and find out facts and information about them to create an Artist Study facetfile.
4.Drawing Tasks- That focus on developing technique.
5. Shading Practise- Building on previously learnt school content to achieve areas of light and dark with a pencil.
There is an artist study of Georgia O'Keefe that students can also complete.
Happy drawing!
Georgia O'Keefe Artist Study
Year 5 Citizenship

Year 5 Citizenship

Living in the wider world

This unit is inspired by the idea that Britain represents a wide range of faiths and ethnicities and that the structures within it are there to support all. It aims to enable you to identify how you can make a positive contribution to the community. In this unit, you will learn about the law and the consequences of not respecting it. You will also learn about the workings of local and national government and the role of charities and voluntary groups in British society.

I have included the PowerPoints and worksheets for each lesson. If an activity asks you to work in a group or pairs, either do it by yourself or speak to somebody at home about it. If I haven’t included a sheet from the PowerPoint, then you don’t need to complete that section.


Lesson 1 – Identities – PowerPoint and Showing Respect Activity Sheet

Lesson 2 – Communities – PowerPoint and Community pledge slips

Lesson 3 – Respecting the law – PowerPoint and British laws sheet

Lesson 4 – Local Government – PowerPoint and Quiz

Lesson 5 – National Government – PowerPoint and Quiz

Lesson 6 – Making a difference – PowerPoint and Charity Research task

Additional resources – Write to your MP and Making a difference sheets.


Enjoy and take care,

Mr Mills

Year 5 Computing

This last half term we would have been using Kodu to create and program a computer games.

The tasks are on the link below; you can complete the work on the sheets or use separate paper.

Computing is scheduled on the suggested timetable once every two weeks so one task can be completed each lesson.

Year 5 Design Technology
Pupils are being asked to view the power point first. This is really crucial they read through the
full power point.

Pupils then take the Strawberry story ordering activity & complete. The answers are at the end,
so pupils are expected to self-assess at the end please.

Pupils use the same power point as previously used in task 1 and complete the Bread Production

Again, answers are given at the end and pupils are expected to self-assess at the end.

XTN: Pupils can have a go at making some bread at home. Please feel free to send in email
photos into school and show me what you are doing.
Year 5 Geography
UK Geography
The link above is for a Geography website with loads of great resources to do with all sorts of geography topics. This link takes you directly to information about the UK.
Read through the information and fact-boxes about the UK and then work through the worksheets below, preferably in this order...
1) Cities Wordsearch
2)) UK Compass Directions
3) UK Rivers
4) Rivers Wordsearch and Unscramble
5) UK Climate
6) UK Maps- There are links on the tabs of the top of the webpage and within the fact-boxes which may help and be of interest. You may use additional books and resources and other web pages to help as well.
7) Extension Task - Produce a factfile/poster to teach other children about the Geography of the UK. You should include information about the physical and human geography of the UK such as population, size, climate, cities, rivers etc.
Year 5 History
Week 4: WW2
Week beginning 15th June 2020
Week 5: WW2
Week beginning 29th June 2020
Week 6: WW2
Week beginning 13th July 2020
Year 5 Languages

A new pack of activities to support learning French.  These can be used alone, or alongside the website/ app Duolingo as previously recommended.   The online lessons from the Oak National Academy can also give some listening and pronunciation practice as they are guided and include a video lesson – I have checked and it is fine for our year 5 to access the year 7 French lessons.

Miss Bird

Year 5 Music
The first document shows an overview of the tasks split in to Performing, Appraising and Composing.
Year 5 PE
Hi Everyone…. Hope you're keeping fit and well!

We know you’ve been up to loads of active stuff, going for walks, working in the garden, jogging, cycling, Joe Wicks and much more so keep all of that going! It’s important to stay as physically active as possible during this time.

There are a few other things you can have a go at here too, especially if you have to stay indoors, designing your own equipment and games as well as trying some of the challenges from Active Northumberland and the School Games.

Have fun with your work everyone and Stay Safe.
Miss Lomax & Mr Boddy
PE Department
Year 5 RE

Year 5 R.E – Christianity & Judaism

Christianity (Previous lessons)

Week 1

This week you will be looking at stories, songs and Psalms. Begin by reading through the PowerPoint (you might want to read this with an adult if possible so that you can discuss some of the questions that are included). Once you have finished reading it, complete the Bible switch activity where you need to change the story into a song. If you find this quite easy or want to do an extra task, then have a go at the challenge activity afterwards where you need to transform a Psalm (song) into a story.

Week 2

This week you will be looking at a story from the Bible where Jesus turns water into wine. Carefully read through the PowerPoint which tells the story then close it. Use the task sheet to rewrite the story from memory, using the pictures to help guide you. If you finish this and would like an extra task, the final slide tells you to think about if you could perform a miracle what it would be and why. You can try to create a drawing showing the miracle you would perform.


Lessons for final term

Week 3 & 4

This week you will be looking at the ‘Witnesses’ text. The text looks at the events leading up to (and after) Jesus’ death. You need to read through the information carefully (there is quite a lot to read/questions to answer so I have set this task over two weeks). You will use the text to answer the questions in full, clear sentences wherever possible. You may need to use a Dictionary to help you define some of the words. The first set of questions all relate to your understanding of the story. They are then followed by vocab and SPAG tasks which link to the story but will also further your English based skills. The answers are included so you can mark them in green pen when you are finished.



Week 5

Pupils have previously studied Judaism and as part of their home learning should have completed a Judaism research project. In this lesson, they will be looking at Jewish worship in the synagogue. Use the PowerPoint provided to go through main discussion points, videos and information. The PowerPoint indicates how and when a task needs to be completed. Pupils will require the Jewish artefacts sheet which is also attached for this lesson.


Week 6

In this lesson, pupils will be looking at the Jewish festivals of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Use the PowerPoint provided to go through main discussion points, videos and information. The PowerPoint indicates how and when a task needs to be completed. Pupils will require the festivals table sheet which is also attached for this lesson. Once this has been completed, they can then make a Rosh Hashanah card on plain paper (the PowerPoint has examples of things they could include).

Week  3 and 4 Christianity
Week beginning 8th June and week beginning 22nd June
Week 5 Judaism
Week beginning 29th June
Week 6 Judaism
Week beginning 13th July