Year 5 Bikeability Training

13th October 2018


Highfield Middle School has been chosen as one of a number of schools in your borough to receive Bikeability Cycle Training. This training is designed to give year 5 children the skills and experience to cycle safely and confidently. It is Cycling Proficiency for the 21 st century and involves cycling in both an off-road playground environment and on roads around the vicinity of the school.

Children enjoy cycling and of course it brings many health benefits, develops confidence and gives them independence. Children who have been trained are much safer and, in addition, tend to cycle more. This training is being promoted by the Council and is beingcarried out by a company called Cycle Experience,

The training will take place from Monday 13th November to Wednesday 15th November. I am writing to invite you to register your child(ren) for this training. There are 48 places available, so please complete and return the attached form to me by Wednesday 17th October at the latest. Pupils will be accepted on a “first come, first
served basis”.

Your child will need to bring the following with them for all their course sessions:
 A bike which is roadworthy and of the correct size. A bike check will be
carried out first thing to identify bikes that are in need of repair from a local bike
shop. The bike must not be too big or too small.
 A cycle helmet. This must fit properly and must not be a full faced helmet. If your child is unable to wear a helmet on the grounds of religious or cultural reasons please ensure you indicate this on the consent form and provide your signature.
 Has sufficient warm clothing including gloves for colder days. Each session is
between one and two hours long and outside.
 Has some wet weather clothing e.g. a shower or waterproof jacket as a
minimum. The training will continue in light to moderate rain.

Forms for this have been sent home via the Parentmail system.

Cycle Experience is one of the UK's leading cycle training organisations. We work with schools, colleges, local authorities, businesses and other organisations teaching people how to cycle, more safely more often.