Year 6 SATs Information

9th May 2019


As we all know, next week is SATs week which is an important period in our Year 6 calendar. The children have all been working extremely hard recently and the national tests provide them with the opportunity to show how much they have learnt and the progress they have made, not only in Year 6 but throughout key stage 2.

The timetable for next week is as follows:

Monday 13th May Grammar Paper then Spelling Test 
Tuesday 14th May Reading Paper
Wednesday 15th May Maths Paper 1 (Arithmetic) then Paper 2 (Reasoning)
Thursday 16th May Maths Paper 3 (Reasoning)

Year 6 pupils are invited to come into school from 8:40am next week and we will have cereal bars and juice for anyone who chooses to do so. This is, however, not intended to replace a nutritious breakfast at home which we know offers the children the best start to their day and will ensure they arrive at school alert and ready to tackle the assessments. Even if they do not wish to come in early, all pupils must be in school no later than 8:50am so that they are all registered and ready to begin the warm-ups prior to each test at 9:00am prompt.

On Friday 17th May, we intend to take things easy and relax after the tests have finished! We have games and activities planned as well as a film to watch. Pupils are invited to bring sweets, crisps, chocolate or popcorn in with them to eat and share whilst they watch the film. They can also bring a bottle of juice or water if they wish (no fizzy drinks or energy drinks please). We also plan to go to Highfield Park during the day (weather permitting) and pupils are encouraged to bring their scooters, 
bikes, a football, tennis rackets etc to play with whilst we are at the park. If they do bring their bike or other such item, safety equipment and a helmet is needed. Additionally, Friday will also be a non-uniform day for Year 6 pupils.

Thank you once again for all your support; I know many of you have spent a lot of time in recent weeks and months working through the practice tests and resources with your children and have encouraged them to complete the large amount of work we have sent home. Your children are an extremely hard-working, conscientious year group who want to do well and they have coped admirably with the pressures they are under in Year 6. I am sure the results from the national tests will reflect their hard work and great effort and they will do themselves, you and us proud.