Funny for Money

31st January 2013

Red Nose Day - March 15th 2013 at Highfield

This past Monday in assembly Mrs Davidson and Mr McKenna talked to pupils about this years fundraising events in School for Comic Relief Red Nose Day. Pupils have been asked to contribute their favourite jokes towards a 'Joke Booklet' which will be published within school. Children will then be able to purchase this booklet for a small charge after half term to support Comic Relief. Four red boxes are currently placed in year group areas for pupils to post their jokes. We ask that all jokes are submitted by Wednesday 13th February.

In addition to the joke booklet, we will be holding a series of other fundraising events to support Comic Relief:

  • Friday 15th March will be an 'All Red' non school uniform day for children.
  • Small change collection boxes are located in each classroom for 1p, 2p, 5p donations.
  • Fancy dress for members of staff.

Thank you in advance for all of your support. All donations towards Red Nose Day will be kindly received.