World Book Day 2013 by Year 5

27th March 2013


This year on the 7th and 8th of March, Highfield Middle School celebrated World Book Day in a very exciting way! The whole school got into teams of about 3 or 4’s and decided to make a board game. We tried to make this event just like the well-known TV show The Apprentice. It was very competitive, as each class was determined to win. To make the board game, we had to bring all the materials in from home to succeed in this challenge. Finally, one board game from each class got nominated to show it in front of the year group. After that, the winning teams from each year group showed their board games in front of the entire school. The winning team in Year 5 were in 5ER: Eve, Lucy, Hannah and Amy. They based their board game on the Judy Moody series. Year 6 winners were focusing on Roald Dahl, Year 7 the Hunger Games and Year 8  a video game based on Sherlock Homes. We all had a brilliant time making them and playing them. It was very exciting, having a chance to compete in the business world.
By Eve.