What is SEND?


Autistic Spectrum Disorder  (ASD)

Autism is a complex disorder, marked by multiple symptoms, eg social interactions; verbal and non-verbal communication; repetitive behaviour. There is a wide variability leading to the use of the term 'autistic spectrum disorders' (ASD).

Children and Young People’s Services 


Child and Young People’s Services which provide assessment, treatment and care for a child or young person experiencing emotional or behavioural difficulties which impact upon their mental health and wellbeing. 


Department for Education


Children and young people with dyscalculia have difficulty in acquiring mathematical skills.


Children with dyslexia have a marked and persistent difficulty in learning to read, write and spell, despite progress in other areas.


Children with dyspraxia are affected by an impairment or immaturity of the organisation of movement, often appearing clumsy. Gross and fine motor skills are hard to learn and difficult to retain and generalise.

EHC Plan

A single Education, Health and Care Plan, which is used from birth to 25 years of age.  This is a legal document which details a child’s Special Educational Needs and the provision required to meet those needs.


Inclusion is a term which ensures equal learning opportunities for all children and young people


Locality Inclusion Support Team which includes specialists   in behaviour, literacy, etc


Moderate learning difficulties.


Multi-agency working is a true partnership between  two or more agencies based on common goals and strategic vision

Special Educational Need and Disability (SEND)

A special educational need is a learning difficulty or disability which makes it more difficult for a child to learn, or to access education


Speech, Language and Communication Needs. 


Specific Learning Disorder


Teaching Assistant skilled in supporting pupils

Top-up funding

Pupils receiving intervention at SEN support are entitled to 15 hours of TA support. Sometimes more support is needed and school can apply for Top-up funding to cover the costs.


Transition is a change in a child’s or young person’s life where their support is undertaken by new services or practitioners. This includes the transition between school and college, also the move from children’s to adult services.