S.E.N.D at Highfield

 Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

 We pride ourselves in being an inclusive school that supports all pupils and helps them to achieve. Regardless of the barriers and difficulties a young person might face, we will make every effort to provide a curriculum and facilities which enables all pupils to succeed.

The key to supporting pupils with additional needs is communication. When we work together in partnership it always leads to positive outcomes for children.

We aim to include all pupils in every aspect of school life.

As a parent / career you can be involved by:

  •        Using the information on the school website SEND pages
  •        Discussing issues with the form or subject teacher and then the Year Leader
  •        Attending Parents Evenings 
  •        Attend review meetings
  •        Attending information evenings for year 6 SATs, residential visits, etc
  •        Discussing the school report with your child in a supportive manner
  •        Make telephone contact about issues or for an appointment
  •        Reading letters and signing up for parent mail
  •        Using the Website for information about uniform etc
  •        Being involved with completing homework 
  •        Encouraging pupils to attend clubs to learn new skills, perfecting skills they already have or receiving extra support, ie homework club
  •        Ensuring that school knows about all medicines and that any kept in school are within date.  Contact Mrs Jewitt in the School Office

Key Staff

Mrs C Laidler              SENDCo for KS3

Miss C Gibbs               SENDCo for KS2

Mrs C McIntosh          Learning Mentor

Miss S Westgarth      Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss D Jones               Cover Supervisor

Mrs S Sagar                 Cover Supervisor

Mrs S Douglas             Cover Supervisor

Mrs L Hirst                   Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Pearson            Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Macbeth           Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Townsend        Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Gibson               Teaching Assistant

Mr C Brooks                 Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Meikle                Teaching Assistant

If you have any questions or concerns you can always make an appointment to meet with the SENDCo or a member of our team. We will be happy to see you.